An organizational model known as DevOps is the fusion of development (Dev) and operations (Ops). It provides speedier application development and more efficient deployment of existing systems. Precisely, more controlled iterations can be achieved by the use of best practices, automation, and new tools as part of DevOps. All of these aspects are part of DevOps and are not separate from one another; hence it is not a single technology.



Progressive deployments of applications and configurations and rollback in case of issues. Monitor application health to ensure all instances are not broken simultaneously.

Automatics mounting of storage system from local storage or public clouds such as Azure/AWS  or network storage system such as NFS etc.

Monitor and automatically restart failed containers and replace containers that don't work.

The application can use the Kubernetes service discovery mechanism instead of an unknown service and load balance them across all its pods.

Scale applications up and down with simple commands or using Kubernetes UI or based on usage.

About DevOps

DevOps is a new way to think about your software development and operations. It ensures that you’re not wasting resources, so the business can utilize them as efficiently as possible. With MPart Technologies by your side, we’ll make sure everything runs smoothly for an optimized framework!

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  • Containerizing tasks and services
  • Making the process of building and configuring software easier
  • Utilizing the approaches of OpenShift and Kubernetes

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