We help enable rapid, frequent, and reliable delivery of applications for enterprises.

A. NodeJS
B. Java SpringBoot
D. Our services

i. Review, analyze and assess – to define scope and viability.

ii. Strategy and Architecture – Visualize and plan the impact of moving to micro services during all phases of development and organized around business capabilities.

iii. Architecture – Define, Design, and Deploy microservices including scaling, security, performance. We also provide various patterns based on your needs.

1. Decomposition

a. Decompose by business capability
b. Decompose by sub domain
c. Self-contained services.
d. Service per team

2. Refactoring to microservices

a. Strangler application
b. Anti-corruption layer

3. External API

a. API gateway
b. Backend for front-end

4. Service Discovery

a. Client-Side discovery
b. Server-side discovery
c. Service registry

iv. Test and Publish – We offer automated testing of microservices using various tools like Test Project, Postman to ensure performance, security, scalability. Our unique approach ensures the solutions the services are highly maintainable and testable throughout.

v. Support – Using Kubernetes we make monitoring of every aspect of micro services easy and seamless. We also automate the health monitoring thereby minimizing physical monitoring of production and other environments as required.