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The framework of business procedures, regulations, and technologies known as identity and access management (IAM) makes it easier to handle electronic or digital identification.

It is important to configure an IAM system on-premises, through a third-party vendor, or in a hybrid manner with MPArt Technologies. You can get completely optimize your operations and enhance the productivity of your company with our IAM strategies.



We use Keycloak to authenticate users which means applications does not have to deal with login forms and storing users and only need to login once.

Using keycloak as proxy between  an application or organization users and another identity management providers such as Open ID, SAML etc.

New light weight web servers may not cover all arole based uthorization needs. Keycloak can be used to provide fine grained authorization services.

Keycloak has built-in support to connect to existing LDAP or Active Directory servers. You can also implement your own provider if you have users in other stores, such as a relational database.

Through the admin console administrators can centrally manage all aspects of the Keycloak server and the account management console users can manage their own accounts.

About IAM

A growing regulatory and organizational strain puts pressure on business leaders and IT departments to safeguard access to corporate data. For that, MPart Technologies is the first choice of various clients.

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