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Java 11 permits private access directly within nest members; previously, this was accomplished through the use of an auto-generated bridge method called access$000. In addition, new nested APIs were implemented for validation, and private reflection access was made available within nest members.

Moreover, with Java 11, it is possible to construct a jar file comprised of various versions of class files tailored to a particular Java release. It is now possible for developers of library software to support different versions of Java without needing to ship multiple versions of the jar files themselves, thanks to multi-release jar files.



Designing lightweight and business-oriented enterprise application on the cloud and J2EE containers.

Design and develop modern applications using new architecture features such as microservices, modernized security API’s etc..

Provides solution to migrate legacy java applications on legacy containers to java 11 and deploy on cloud platforms.

Refactor legacy code to modern architectiure of Java suchs as microservices, use efficient syntaxes and annotations to reduce code footprint.

End to end automated testing to assure bug free applications.

Continuous Delivery, DevOps, infrastructure-as-code, containers, and container orchestration technologies include Docker and Kubernetes.

About Legacy Migration

Staying updated is important for the expansion of your business because it leads to innovative strategies and new ways to counter the problem. Shifting your whole operations to JAVA 11 will basically help you to stay updated and improve your business’s efficiency

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  • If you’re looking for an easy way to design, launch and maintain an Angular application
  • Design and Development of the Program and assistance in making it operational
  • Development of DevOps model. Use any cloud platform to move Java code (s).

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