The QA team may automate routine operations with the assistance of automation testing, and test cases can be run several times at a scale that would be impossible for a human to accomplish.

Automated testing, for instance, enables one to evaluate the functionality of a mobile app on a number of different devices without manually testing each feature once more on each of those devices. MPart Technologies believes that making the QA part automated can be beneficial as humans can make mistakes in repitative tasks, but computers do not work like that.



We user AI based tools to perform functional testing on different browsers and operating systems for quicker and faster delivery.

We scripts all scenarios and tools such as Test Project for automation which makes regression testing simple and easier for anybody.

We ensure all integrations between applications layers, different devices is seamless

Our platforms, tools and architecture are designed to enure all applications are responsive and provide consistent performance throught. Every workflow is engineered to address performance.

We ensure all apps are responsive and catere to handle peak load by design. We also ensure the devops infrasatructure is designed to automatically scale and handle load.

Our team has extensive experience and background in cyber security. We know and ensure your arganization and applications are protected from intrusions suchs as DDOS and other vulnerabilities.


When developing an application or an entire system, software quality assurance is essential for the development process. Many firms outsource the testing phase of the software development process. There are a variety of software performance testing services out there, and not all of them are equal. So, MPart Technologies offers QA Automation so you can deliver perfect applications and websites.

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